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Lazy, lazier, the laziest

Wow, it really has been long since I last updated this. I'm really lazy nowadays, that's for sure. And it extends to my studies, too - I'm still interested in the things I study, I always mean to do my homework in advance, but still I find myself doing them in the last minute. Oh well. Reading and writing are always more to my liking, anyway.

 Lately I've been thinking about my future. What is it that I really want to do after uni? And it's depressing that now there's no answer. I used to have all these plans, but now I just don't know.

Okay, WTF self? Am I having some kind of crisis?

The Days of Grays Review

Okay, the clock is way past midnight and I should be in bed, getting my beauty sleep or whatever, but here I am. Because I finally finished it. It took me ridiculously long time to write, but it was worth it. So, let me present you: Sonata Arctica - The Days of Grays Review!


Review under the cut (because I kind of got excited...)Collapse )
Oh gods, I don't even know how I'm going to survive this day. I got only a couple of hours of sleep last night, I have five courses starting today and half an hour for lunch between the classes. Great. Seems like the perfect opportunity for a migraine attack.

(Wishing that the Doctor icon would help me...)


Sonata Arctica @ Kemi 08.08.09

My little sister and I arrived at Kemi at 1.30 pm. We walked from the railway station to where the gig was to be held - it was easy to find it, you can't really get lost in Kemi. So we sat down on the lawn and waited. One thing was really funny: the gates were actually open the whole time, at one point I just wandered through the gates and bought us ice creams and walked back. A bit later I did the same (well, this time I didn't buy anything) and caught Sonata on stage while they were doing sound checks. I'm not complaining, but it was really weird because never before have I been on a gig where you could just walk through the gates and no one's interested in where you're going. It wasn't like that when I was there to see Sonata Arctica Open Air in 2006!

 Gig Report Ahead!Collapse )
After finally watching Torchwood series 3, I've been left feeling empty. My friends will remember how, almost exactly a year ago, I was always talking about Torchwood and how much I loved it, how much I was waiting for series three, how much I felt I was way too addicted to it. And I didn't care about my addiction, because they come and go. After Torchwood it was Jane Eyre for a while, and then Doctor Who (yes, I watched Torchwood first and Doctor Who after it, but it didn't matter), but that's beside the point. The point is, now that I've seen series three, I wonder was it really worth the waiting.

 Why I was disappointed with TW3: trying to sort my thoughtsCollapse )


Damn, it's long. I just needed to get it off my chest. Now I can go to sleep. I don't even want to know what time is it... (And oh, by the way, I know it's just TV series. It just happened to be one I really loved.)


Working all day

I actually got a summer job, which is wonderful in this situation - many of my friends weren't as lucky as me. The thing is, I have to be at work at 7 a.m. I get up with the sun, yey! At first I thought it would be a nightmare waking up that early, but it isn't - as a matter of fact, I find it easier than to wake up when the school starts at eight. Maybe it's the sun. I've got used to this rhythm of life quite quickly; I'm hungry precisely when we have our coffee or lunch breaks during the day, it's just odd. And a good thing.

 Otherwise, the job is quite fun. I get to be outside all day, I learn all sorts of new plant names everyday, I like gardening, so it's really fun. The weirdest and perhaps the funniest thing as well - I haven't decided yet - are the people I meet. When you're wearing the uniform (lovely bright orange and green, by the way *grimaces*) people just come to talk to you (and folks, this is Finland! You never talk to strangers!). You wouldn't believe the stories I've heard. Really. Especially when some of the people are crazy. Honestly, one woman is very worried about wells. *rolls eyes*

 Oh, and people, please stop throwing away everything you don't need at the moment. Honestly, there are bins where you can put them, and still I find your rubbish on the ground around the bin. Shame on you!

 I think I'll go watch Doctor Who so I can forget about the people whose rubbish I pick up from the flower beds every day.



Bussi menee nenän edestä, en jaksa jäädä odottamaan seuraavaa. Kävelen kotiin tihkusateessa, ilma tuoksuu keväältä; vihreät versot ponnistavat jo mullan alta, vaikka paikoitellen maa on vielä lumen peitossa. Kaupunki ei ole kauneimmillaan tähän aikaan vuodesta: pikkukivikasoja, likaista lunta, värit tuntuvat toistavan joka paikassa vain harmaan eri sävyjä. Lumen alta paljastunut maa on roskien peitossa. Miksemme me välitä, mihin roskamme heitämme? Onko asuinympäristömme tosiaan niin yhdentekevä meille?

 Menin kirjastoon vain palauttamaan kirjoja ja tulin takaisin neljän kanssa. Ikään kuin luettavaa ei jo muutenkin olisi tarpeeksi... Mutta toisaalta, yksikään luettu kirja ei mene hukkaan. Ja minä nyt en voi vastustaa mielenkiintoiselta vaikuttavaa kirjaa millään, jos satun sellaisen kirjastosta löytämään. *hymähdys*


I realised today that there's only a few weeks left before summer holidays begin, and I don't have a summer job. I've sent so many applications I can't even begin to tell, but still - nothing. I have to pay the rent and eat during the summer, too! It's frustrating, I would gladly do almost anything, but nobody will hire me. Well, at least I'm not the only student in here who has problems finding a job...

 For some reason, I'm now more interested in English than I was a month ago or even last autumn. And I mean English as a language - my interest in literature has stayed the same all the time I've studied in uni, and I have to say I prefer Britlit and Amlit to our grammar courses, but I'm more motivated to learn English and learn it well. I don't want to speak the 'broken English' which is the lingua franca of our time: nearly everybody can speak English, but they can't speak it truly well, reach the same level as the native speaker. Of course, the broken English suffices in some situations, but it's not good for the language itself, either. I'm worried, because languages don't interest people anymore - even when there is need for them (for example, there is a great need for Finns who can speak Russian, but most of us just don't want to bother studying it). French, Spanish, German - few children study those languages nowadays. Nearly every child in Finland studies English and then they think it's enough - and of course it is enough for most of them, but those who need to use it in their work don't usually have enough knowledge about the use of language, what is appropriate, what is too informal etc. There's something wrong with people's attitudes toward languages nowadays, they aren't seen to be important anymore, when, in fact, languages are just as important to learn well as it was before - maybe even more important because of globalization and other things.

 Hmm. I didn't intend to ramble so, but it turned out to be quite long. Please bear with me.

 I bought The Collected Novels of the Brontë Sisters yesterday, I can't wait till I have time to read Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall again. Villette was ok but nothing really special, and I haven't yet read The Professor and Agnes Grey. I also have a yearning to read LotR again, it's been too long since the last time. And oh, The Mists of Avalon! I should really re-read it, too. Well, I know what I'll do with my spare time...

Holiday approaching

Too much going on right now in my life. First of all, there are the Internet problems, hopefully they are in the past now. Otherwise I'll have to make a couple of calls again... Secondly, I'm looking for a summer job and it takes a surprising amount of time. It seems that I have not enough time to do anything else. And well, essays and other homework have to be done, too. All I can say is hail, the winter holiday starts in a week! (Or rather, I start it next Tuesday because one wonderful, wonderful teacher of ours is somewhere else and his lectures are cancelled on Wednesday and Thursday.)

 My plans? Downhill skiing and snowboarding at Ylläs. It will be great, even though it's only for four days instead of a week like last year. Then again, last year it was the last week before the matriculation exams started, and now I don't have that kind of thing waiting till my holiday ends. (As if I studied that hard during the holiday last year, ha.)

 Mmm. Some day I will write a very long update, but not now. Too tired. It seems that I'm always tired these days.


May, when are thou coming?

Yay! I bought tickets for Lord of the Rings Symphony on May 2nd! I can't believe it took so long. I've known about the concert for a year or something like that, but why I didn't buy the tickets sooner I have no idea. It should be awesome: Howard Shore's music and Alan Lee's and John Howe's illustrations.

 Last weekend I read Tolkien's The Book of Lost Tales 2, and, well, it seems that my interest in Middle-earth is awaken again.  And as usually, it has a very bad timing - I should write six pages about relative clauses in English language. Which is more interesting, what would you say? Yep, don't I know.

 Yesterday was one of the best days I've had in ages - the sun was shining, Oral Skills class was fun, and Britlit tutorial was as fun as it usually is, we had quite good conversation after the troubles in the beginning (Really, what is it with people! It's not that difficult to start speaking!). And of course it was wonderful to see one of my friends from upper secondary. And the sun was shining, did I mention it? :D It was absolutely stunning outside with the snow (which we have quite a lot, I love it! Maybe I should post some pictures I took earlier...) and the clear blue sky and the half moon visible in the sky.

 And I can't help being excited about our next translation exercise, because it's a film review and it's about FotR. Finally!